Globalization and changing technology have increased the competition we face from many nations and, as a result, US jobs have become vulnerable.


We should not lose sight of the fact that individuals and families are struggling. Additional policies must be developed that will assist American workers to compete globally without giving unfair advantage to foreign businesses.


Environmental pollutants are poisoning us and impacting our health.


Educational priorities need to be examined and teachers should be empowered provide input into what works in their districts.

Public Safety

These are the individuals that place their lives on the line for us daily. Assurances must be made that equipment and supportive services are available to them.

Seniors/Social Security

Every society is judged by how well it protects its seniors, and its weak and vulnerable population.

Guns and Street Violence

Legislation must be developed to prevent youth from obtaining street guns and we must examine the social implications of youth involvement in gangs.

Genetically Modified Foods

The U.S. has a rich endowment of rich farmlands, and a very highly skilled farmer population that is the envy of the world.


We need to return to a long-term and sustainable federal budget of the kind that was President Clinton’s legacy.


America has to maintain a strong defense system.

Foreign Affairs

America has to maintain its national security interests and develop stronger alliances with its allies.

Health Care

Continue to strengthen access to affordable healthcare. Citizens must have the option of selecting alternative or complementary health services that are reimbursed at the standard rates.

Women's Issues

Policies that support women’s economic security enrich our children, sustain our families and strengthen entire communities.

Gay & Lesbian

I am a traditionalist as far as marriage is concerned and will do all that can to support traditionally-married couples as at least one way of assuring family security for children. I am impressed by Pope Francis’s position which says “who am I to judge” others in terms of how they conduct their private, personal lives?


Children of immigrants are entitled to remain in this country with safeguards and individual responsibilities. More has to be done to reform immigration policies.

The Issues

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dr. Janis c. Brooks for 14th Pennsylvania congressional district