dr. Janis c. Brooks for 14th Pennsylvania congressional district

Tea Party Disclaimer

I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE TEA PARTY. There is a website that is stating that I am affiliated with the Republican Tea Party. I am a  member of the democratic party. The actions of the website sponsor is an attempt to undermine my candidacy and to prevent me from receiving democratic votes. I am a "Fresh Voice" for the democratic party. I am not and will never be a part of the Tea Party. What the Tea Party stands for is abhorrent to me. My platform and issues speaks to my dedication to address the needs of all people in an equitable manner. I have filed a complaint with the FBI's Cyber Crimes Division. In this age of technology, we must be careful where we obtain our information. Everything that is heard, written, or seen my not be accurate; because individuals will use divisive methods to attempt to discredit a candidate. My opponent is also listed in that website as a member of their party.