Rev. dr. Janis c. Brooks for 18th Pennsylvania congressional district


I concur with former President Obama's “DREAM Act.” Children of immigrants are entitled to remain in this country with safeguards and individual responsibilities. More has to be done to reform immigration policies. Reform is essential to strengthening the economic viability of America. 

Funding must be increased for border and port protections to prevent undocumented people from crossing our borders. It is crucial that penalties for employers who hire undocumented individuals be harsh including making them ineligible for tax credits and subsidies. Immigrants that have been found guilty of a felony or a higher offense should be deported. Immigrants proven to participate in gang activities and activities that bring undocumented workers into this country must be dealt with harshly and deported. Conversely, individuals who intimidate, exploit, or otherwise take advantage of undocumented immigrants must be held accountable for their conduct.