Rev. dr. Janis c. Brooks for 18th Pennsylvania congressional district


School safety is crucial to the well being of our children and this nation. It impacts every facet of an efficient educational, emotional, and social environment. Without safeguards in place, we are a morally bankrupt country for failing to protect our children.

Educational priorities need to be examined and teachers should be empowered provide input into what works in their districts. A greater investment in public education is crucial to strengthen our competitiveness in science, math, and technology.

‚ÄčNationwide, there needs to be an expansion in early-learning programs which have been widely proven to yield net educational, health and economic gains to children, families, and the broader community. Too many school districts and individual schools are struggling. We must equalize access to services, equipment and teaching materials in all schools and districts. More classroom support is needed for classroom teachers.

Nationwide, we must shield school-age children from the traps that land them in felony convictions by making available to our communities increased grant funding to support more community-based, year-round programs such as after-school programs and summer camps. Working parents need increased support, and age-limits need to be relaxed to increase the eligibility of more young people to participate in after-school and summer services.