Rev. dr. Janis c. Brooks for 18th Pennsylvania congressional district


In addition to the positions outlined above, we should not lose sight of the fact that individuals and families are struggling. CEO’s of our major corporations have profited on the backs of their employees. Additional policies must be developed that will assist American workers to compete globally without giving unfair advantage to foreign businesses. 

​These include the development of small businesses, workforce development through educational opportunities—along the lines detailed above, investment in the development of America’s crumbling infrastructure to make us more competitive in our own and in global markets; assuring businesses and households greater access to broadband technology; a more intensive development of our plentiful energy resources to make us more energy-efficient and to make our energy supplies more accessible at an affordable cost to businesses; developing and expanding our mass transportation network so that individuals can seek, obtain, and maintain employment; encourage innovative concepts and ideas to support biotechnology, which is a growth industry for this region; and engaging in the kind of redevelopment of local communities (such as the development occurring in Braddock, PA) to encourage vibrant economic growth.