About Dr. Janis C. Brooks 

Rev. dr. Janis c. Brooks for 18th Pennsylvania congressional district

Dr. Janis C. Brooks is a dedicated, motivated advocate for children, families, the disabled, individuals, and the elderly within the 18th Congressional District. Determined to see things change, Dr. Brooks has addressed many issues in the region and chosen to be a voice for those that cannot represent themselves.

Dr. Brooks holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration from GSPIA (University of Pittsburgh) with a concentration in Environmental Policy and a Master's Degree in Urban Studies in Management from the University of Maryland. Both degrees were obtained on full fellowships. She matriculated from Clarion University with a B.S. in Secondary Education with a major in Comprehensive Social Sciences. Dr. Janis C. Brooks has extensive experience working in the church, the community, in government, and academia. She is a former pastor and the Founder/CEO of a non- profit organization.

Her areas of expertise are: policy development, policy analysis, program planning, teaching, business management, budgeting, individual and community advocate, and grass roots community organizing. 

Dr. Brooks is active in the community. Her current affiliations are: League of Women Voters,Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Committee on the Status of Women 62 N.Y. (CSW) United Nations,  Mon Valley Providers Council, Sierra Club, Tuskegee Airman, and the NAACP.

As a mother and divorcee, Dr. Brooks raised two gifted children; a son and a daughter who both graduated with honors from East Allegheny High School in North Versailles. Her daughter is a medical researcher and has a Master’s Degree. Her first job out of college was with the National Institutes of Health. Her son is a physicist and an  Aerospace Engineer holding a Doctorate Degree in Engineering. His first job out of college was a subcontracted position with NASA. He was responsible for training the astronauts for the International Space Station at  the Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston, Texas. Both of her children are examples of the positive outcomes that can be created in our region; however, after graduation neither could obtain employment in the Pittsburgh area. More must be done to create meaningful employment to keep our children in the city so that the region can benefit from the knowledge base obtained in college and the educated workforce that is being created.

Dr. Brooks has always been interested in justice for others. As a child she attended the March on Washington and listened to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his “I Have a Dream Speech.” Her parents were originally against her attending because of her age, but she eventually persuaded them of the importance of the occasion. This was a history making moment for her and the speech has inspired her to pursue higher educational goals and work toward equality for all.

Dr. Janis C. Brooks is no stranger to hard work as both of her parents were service workers. Dr. Brooks’ mother was a social worker and her father worked three jobs most of his life. He was a crane man with Westinghouse, a part time police officer for North Versailles, and a school bus driver. Her aunts worked as maids at the William Penn Hotel. She had role models that showed her the value of maintaining a dedicated, positive attitude while working hard to achieve a goal. She applied these same traits of commitment, dedication, and hard work to support her own family. Now, Dr. Brooks desires to use her tenacity, drive, and voice to represent and fight for the citizens of the 18th Congressional District.